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Do You Need a Geriatric Care Manager?

Caring for an elderly parent often feels similar to parenting. It can be a lot of routine appointments and tasks to ensure that your family member is safe, healthy, and cared for. But, what happens when you encounter critical situations where you just don't know where to turn? It might be beneficial to hire a geriatric care manager. In this post, we’ll explore when and why you might use this type of resource.

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Researching Nursing Homes

Many elderly insist that they "never want to go to a nursing home." Although adult children can do their very best to keep parents at home, it's still possible that a skilled nursing facility may be the best alternative for providing the level of care that is needed. This week, I’m offering five recommendations if you need to research skilled nursing facilities.

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Caregiving Case Studies: Hospice Part II – End-of-Life Care in Acute Settings and at Home

Jennifer Martin, management consultant and healthcare strategist, recently shared her family’s experiences with hospice with me. We’re devoting two posts to hospice to cover the range of experiences more thoroughly. In this second post, we’ll focus on Jennifer’s mother-in-law’s and sister-in-law’s experiences with hospice in a skilled nursing setting and at home, respectively.

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