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Mom (or Dad) Seems Forgetful…Should I Be Worried?

I was recently speaking with a friend whose mother is in her early 80s. She lives across the country from her Mom and is starting to become concerned about changes that she's detected in her mother's behavior. It begs the question, if your Mom or Dad seems forgetful, should you be worried about dementia? In this blog post, we’ll discuss potential next steps if your family member doesn’t fit the profile for “normal,” aging-related forgetfulness.

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Palliative Care: Matching Patient Goals and Treatment Options

Palliative care teams in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical centers can help patients clarify their goals around quality of life and then align those to treatment options. Many seniors and their caregivers are unaware that these resources exist. This post explores what palliative care is, its benefits, and recommendations for engaging with palliative care specialists.

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