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The Car Conversation: When and How to Broach the Topic With Your Elderly Parent

In the United States, cars and driving are an integral part of our culture of personal independence. So, what happens when your elderly parent shows signs that they might not be safe behind the wheel? The “car conversation” is often a difficult one which stirs up feelings of defensiveness, frustration, and anxiety for all involved. In this post, we’ll offer thoughts on when and how to broach this sensitive topic.

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Aging-In-Place Villages: Helping Elders Stay at Home Through Community Volunteering

In many communities around the United States, “aging in place villages” are springing up. These membership based organizations help seniors stay in their homes for as long as possible. I recently interviewed Carol Donohue, the Website and Software Chair of Bay to Sound Neighbors. She explained what aging in place villages are, how Bay to Sound Neighbors works, and how people can find villages in their area.

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